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Tank wagon for oil products, 71 М3, Zas type


Technical Data

Number of axles 4
Maximum loading (t) 59.4
Axle loading (t) 20
Tare weight (t) 20.6
Wheel base (mm) 9 200
Wagon length between buffers (mm) 14 240
Internal diameter of the tank (mm) 2 800
Usable volume (кm3) 71


The wagon is used for the carriage of oil products. The tank consists of cylindrical units of sheet iron. Equipped on the top with a sliding roof for loading with a clearance of 150 mm, and with 4 lateral cranes of the Gestra type with a clearance of 100 mm. For the protection of the tank against overpressure and underpressure, a double-acting protection valve is mounted, acting at a pressure of 0,15 МРа. coal and coke. The structure of the wagon is adapted to mechanical loading. Unloading is performed through four valves with the help of a lever mechanism that is operated with compressed air or manually.

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